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Home Maintenance Perth

Home & Commercial Services Specialist Perth WA 

CMG Services local in Perth Western Australia (WA)

CMG Services is Perth’s premier maintenance prevention, repair and trade service provider.

As a well rounded business we offer multiple services in the repair of building large or small and the prevention of such works on a on going contract basis. With its base trade like Carpentry and many more and a professional registered builder Directly employed We are able to offer advice and services for all facets of the construction industry.

If it is a single home or Multi residential strata apartments we service it all.

We cover areas of the industry which involve trades from demolition works, concrete repairs and installs, Asbestos removal, brick work, timber roofing, roof tiles, roof plumbing, windows and double glassing, Timber floors, plumbing, electrical, painting, air conditioners service and replacements and we project manage plus much much more. 

Don’t look at us as just a large repair company, we also offer maintenance packages for your home and or commercial building on an annual bases.

From a minor scratch in a stone bench top,  chipped ceramic tiles to Replacing concrete balconies and overhead support beam’s and much more.

Engineering services. With the support of our structural, electrical and hydraulic Engineering partners we are able to offer the very best service to you.

Occupational Health and safety is the most priorities service for all of our customers and staff. With this in mind we have partnered with a very strong company in this field to keep every one safe during any works.

What ever you require we have the answer for you.

If we don’t have a direct link for you on our site please call the mobile number and we will answer you and if not we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Emergency trade required

With Emergency makesafes 24/7 we cover it all from Residential to commercial.

With trades on the road every day of the week and ready to help with any emergency we are here.

With our Building and Home Maintenance packages we can service your needs hopefully before an emergency occurs.