Gyprock Ceiling Repairs Perth or Gyprock ceiling collapsed we are here 24/7
Want a new ceiling Installed we can help.
Gyprock Ceiling Repairs Perth north or south.
Gyprock Ceiling Repairs Perth and installed Plaster ceilings or timber feature ceilings we offer them all. Collapsed ceiling, damaged ceiling or just had a fan or light removed. We can help. Ceilings are what we do.
Gyprock ceilings collapse daily in Perth due to poor installation. CMG Services knows how to install them and how to fix them.
We understand that when you need a small ceiling patch done you would like small cost for that.
CMG Services can’t always deliver a low price attendance fee to repair your ceiling but we can maybe work with you to achieve a low cost of repair.
Ceilings may be one of our many skill sets but you are our most important item in our business.
If you talk with us we maybe able to do a little bit and you do a little bit to save your money.
CMG not only installs and repairs ceilings it also just supplies ceiling materials.
If you are looking for timber ceiling products or plaster ceiling products maybe a press metal ceiling. We would love to to talk with you.
Perth ceilings are not always the most vibrant ceilings but we would love to change that. so if you would liiek to do something different we are here to help.
Ceiling Insulation – Glass batts or Earthwool we can supply and install any of them. we not just put them in the ceilings we also test after install to make sure there is no gaps in you insulation. we do this with a thermal metre which test the thermal radiation of your ceiling showing up any differences in the coverage.
Ceiling types  – Plaster board. This is commonly know as Gyprock because it was one of the most used product names  around but Gyprock is a trade name and not a type. Timber ceilings are great feature to any home if done well. We can supply and install any of the ceilings on the market at a very competitive price.
We can supply you with just the materials if you like to do the job and a link to how to install feature ceiling on YouTube for Western Australian conditions.
If you’re interested in finding out more about ceilings or would like a free quote or a consultation contact us today!