Gutters & Downpipes replaced

Black mould Caused from valley flashing failure.
Gutters and downpipes replaced.
Domestic gutters; We replace gutters and downpipes every day with great results and customer satisfaction. Cal us if you would like a quote today.
Commercial gutters and downpipes; If you have a or manage a property that has roof leaks and require a professional team to replace these items call us today for a quote.
Be it your home gutters or a commercial property requiring box gutters replaced we do them both.
All our work comes with a 2-year warranty unless noted on the

Downpipes; are an item that is required to direct the water to the ground and or into storm water piping. We provide all sizes of Downpipes for all types of buildings. If you require colorbond or zinc or maybe  copper downpipes we do them all. Round or Square we can do that to. see some of the things we see every winter. You tube

Rainheads; these are items used in commercial setting often but not used enough on domestic homes. 
These rainheads should be used where ever a box gutter is installed to prevent water ingress into the rooms below. To many times do box gutters over flow and cause damage because the are lacking the correct out lets. Rainheads are the best ever prevention on the market and we can design and supply and install just about any shape or size for your needs.

Gutters; House gutters or commercial we install both. Our team of tradesman deliver a great product of work for us everyday and without delay. If you are looking for new gutters then look no further. For competitive price contacts us today.

Slotted gutters; These are gutters that have been developed to prevent water flowing into your eaves. Slotted gutters are available from just about every manufacture and gutter type. If it is slotted gutters you are chasing give us a call.

Over flow Spouts; are small outlets that are installed to the face of the gutter and just below the back of the gutter height. This allows water to flow freely when the heavy rain or blockages occur.

Black mould on eaves or water staining; this is caused from water entering the roof cavity and landing on the back of you eave sheets. The cause of this staining and mould could be caused from the following issues.


Leaking roof: water has ingress under the roof cover and is been directed to the eaves by the under roof cover membrane (sisalation or anti condensation blanket). 

Over flowing gutters; This is most likely due to  not enough downpipes or blocked downpipes or Blow Back. Blow back is what happens when the downpipes are directly connected to the storm water drainage system. The system should not be connect directly and should have space between both drainage and downpipe to prevent the air in the underground soak-well from pushing up the pipe when water is trying to get down, Or the soak well is full of debris and not work correctly or could be blocked downpipe. CMG Maintenance can help with these issues.

Minor water staining in outer corners of eaves. This most likely caused from the rebate metal fascia. these fascia’s have inherent problem as the are under the gutter has a hole. This hollow allows water to flow from the face of the gutter and down under the gutter its self. A lot of the time it is dripping onto the metal fascia and then disperses along the edge till it either flows out at some point or it over flows on to the eave sheets. The other direction it takes is that it drips directly onto the sheet and cause’s the water staining directly at the corner.

Staining at internal corners; This is a very common site as it can be caused by the above mentioned or can be the valley flashing itself is rusted or bent out of shape. 

Valley flashing/Tray; requires replacing. Many companies replaced valley trays for home owners but not many get tilers or a well trained person to Re-bed and point the roof tile capping’s. CMG roofing will do this with a professional finish for you.

If you’re interested in finding out more about this CMG Service or would like a free quote and consultation contact us today!
Round downpipe sizes.
Rectangle downpipes sizes
Colorbond colours
Slotted gutters. The small holes at the front of the gutter.