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“Its new and it should be law”

Are you looking for a provider of home maintenance services in Perth, WA, whom you can entrust with your home repair needs? Look no further because, at CMG Services, we’ve got your backs covered with our personalised services that are carried out by our team of professionals.

Repairs, Replacement, Need help? All property roof, bathroom, Kitchen, doors we do it all for you.

Why Do You Need Maintenance Services?

Even if your house is made of high-quality materials, you will still find yourself in need of repairs in the future. Through our home maintenance package, you can determine whether your property needs repairs or modifications to fix the possible problems and increase your property’s overall value.

If you want to avoid or fix any existing damage to your residential property, you need to schedule regular maintenance to ensure your home is a safe abode to dwell in. And if you are planning to sell your home, proper home maintenance is your key to ensure that your home increases or at least maintains its value.

But regardless of whether you will sell your residential property or not in the near future, you will still need regular upkeep, which can only be done through regular and proper home maintenance.

We Offer Various Home Maintenance Services

At CMG Services, we offer general home maintenance services in Perth, WA, such as sealing ceiling cracks, servicing extractor fans, replacing batteries of fire alarms, and other services that meet your home repair or house repair work needs.

CMG Services Home Maintenance Contracts

Contract maintenance programs from just $11.44 per week!

What is our Home maintenance contract? You pay a fixed fee and we service your home for 12 months. You will receive fully trained and qualified tradesmen servicing your home for less than a coffee and a wrap a week.

Not a Handyman. A Tradesman.

How can we do this? We are tradesmen that carry out home maintenance in Perth WA and know what we are looking for and how to look after it.

CMG Services has spent 33 years repairing and fixing homes that have been damaged by poor maintenance or poor repair work. Over this time, we have been engaged indirectly by insurance companies to carry out reports as to the cause of damage to buildings. What we have discovered is that 35% is sourced from poor maintenance, 55% from poor workmanship and materials, 9% from poor building design and less than 1% from unfortunate happenstance.

That is why CMG Services is taking up the fight to help homeowners maintain their homes and prevent further loss of a special asset. This is not an insurance policy and it is not a restoration contract. See our terms and conditions page for clarification.

Spend a little more time with us and read our pages on, maintenance programs, repair and restoration works. Spend a little time now and save a lot of time later!

Property Maintenance in Perth? Rely on CMG Services

Know that at CMG Services, we are only committed to providing professional services throughout Perth and its surroundings. Should you want to avail of any of our home maintenance services, do not hesitate to give us a ring on 0417916500 or email us at info@cmgservices.com.au so that you can get a free quote and consultation from us today!