Introduction To CMG Maintenance

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How it works
In a very few words. We are the service company you have for your home or commercial property.

We maintain your building. We are the go to people when you need works done around the home or even your workplace.
We are your back stop when things go wrong.
We are your Personal service company
So Why are we here?
I would love to show so many photos of homes we see every day that have not been looked after.
Don’t spend $1000’s on repairs when you could of prevented it just with a little bit of servicing.
E.G. When it comes to your car, you go to the dealership for servicing your car or, you take it to a mechanic that you have used for years. You have confidence in them and your satisfied with the results.
So where do you go for your home services? friend or friend of a friend.
Do you use them regally?
The chances are that you possible don’t know every trade that is required around the home or office and that you would google a trade or ask around friends or family when something goes wrong.
So how do you know if that person that has been referred to is actually any good? is you family or friend a builder? Just because a person has carried out repairs or service doesn’t mean that they have done a good job. They may have done a good job and may be very good at one aspect of the servicing but what about the other items required on your building. Where do you go then?
Your home or office will be overseen by a technician that is trained in reporting, record keeping and skilled in multiple trades. With the backing of, CMG Services administration and registered builders you will have the right things reported and remedies that are correct.
On top of all of that, because we are the people responsible for your property care we need to do the right thing.
We have several packages that will help with all around the house maintenance needs.
We take care of all your household and or commercial/rental maintenance requirements.
We take the proper time and care needed to keep your beloved home or investment property in good condition because it’s what we do. We are the company responsible to look after your home.
The short version
Every things that need looking after, we do it. See packages for more descriptive items.
Would you like to talk to someone before you sign up? Not a problem, send us an email or call us and one of our staff will get in contact with you and provide a further detailed analysis on how we can help you keep your property serviced so you can relax with confidence..
Long version
What can we do?
All home maintenance:
Cupboards, house doors, Draws, Shelves, Hanging rails, Wall fixtures, Sticky window tracks, Sticky sliding doors, Fly screen, Servicing of extractor fans, Replacement of fire alarm batteries, Resealing of showers, Ceiling cracks and inside walls patched and patched painted. (minor patches only) Garage door maintenance, doors repaired, Repair rising damp, prevent rising damp, fix a squeaky floor, replace damaged floor tiles, fix chipped stone top benches, remove scratches from stone bench tops. Whatever is required to be maintained in your home.
Outside maintenance items:
Damaged roof tiles replaced, Roof capping pointed (minor areas), Roof inspection, Sub floor inspection, Windows, Gates, Cloths line, Hand rails checked, Painting, Gutters, Down-pipes, Corrosion prevention to steel items. Bar B Que, High pressure cleaning, Solar panels cleaned, Cob webs removed, Pest inspection. Garden beds weeded and mulched, Pruning, Lawns mowed, Lawns edged and fertilized. Reticulation pump checked, Sprinklers checked.
We offer renovation and replacement services.

Commercial properties we do carry out an inspection and highlight the required items and quote a package accordingly
We offer Caretaker services, Garden Maintenance and of cause building maintenance.
What about
Taps and spouts serviced inside and out.
Hot water unit serviced.
Hot plate serviced.
Toilet system serviced.
Light switches, Power points, hot water units, Oven, Range hood, Exhaust fans, Outdoor lighting, Garden lights,
Air coolers,
Air conditioners: Refrigerated air conditioners, Evaporative air coolers, Ducting, Filters cleaned. (Please not some filters cannot be cleaned and require replacement)
Have we missed anything? I know we have, so just ask us. We do it all professionally.

Our Promise To You
We will do no less than what we say and we back this up with our company guarantee.
Our Guarantee to you: If at any time of your contract we don’t keep you informed or turn up when scheduled, we will extend your service by 1 month. Now that’s not bad, but what if it is multiple issues and you wish to receive more compensation? Well we will then double the month’s services for every time we fail to deliver on our service promise.
You want to cancel: We at CMG Service take every cancellation personally. On request of cancellation, one of our directors is notified and will make contact with you within 24 hours of receiving your notice of cancellation. Selling your home or Investment property: We can help there as well. If you have been signed with us for 5 years, on the anniversary of the 5th year you gain access to our trades to help bring your home up to a polished showpiece for a 20% discount on our trade services. Why so generous? After looking out for you and your property for all those years, we will have you covered. We back ourselves to have your house polished up in as little time necessary so you will be able to sell the property with absolute confidence. What if you would like to repaint the entire home? We will give you a discount that cannot be matched. Now how is this for a selling incentive? If you sign up for another 4 years with your existing home before you sell we will honour that agreement with the new home owner and we will give you one 50% discount when you sign up with your new home.
CMG Services remains committed to providing expert and personalised services throughout Perth and its surrounds.