Palisade Fencing Specifications

Palisade Fence Technical Information

Fence Palings | Posts

For additional security, palisade fence palings / posts can be vertically extended and barbed wire or razor wire fitted to the top of the fence.

Palisade posts are available with welded fish-plates or slotted, complete with loose fish-plates that can be concreted-in, base plated for bolting down or cranked.

Paling | Post Profiles

Palisade fence posts are available in two (2) post profiles, with a range of different tops available (see paling tops);

‘D’ Profile Posts – Typically used in general purpose security fencing (medium to high level security).

‘W’ Profile Posts – Stronger profile post = Maximum security level. Posts used in higher security level fencing applications.

Paling | Post Tops

A range of palisade post tops / paling tops are available, including; single pointed, triple pointed, square tops, round and notched tops or rounded.

Paling | Post Thickness

  • ‘W’ Profile 2.0 mm – Commercial specification.
  • ‘W’ Profile 2.5 mm – General purpose to BS: EN: 1722 Pt 12.
  • ‘W’ Profile 3.0 mm – Security purpose to BS: EN: 1722 Pt 12.
  • ‘D’ Profile 3.0 mm – General purpose to BS: EN: 1722 Pt 12.

Fence Heights (m)

1.8, 2.0, 2.1, 2.4, 3.0 and 3.6 heights are available. Fence heights above 3.6 m can be achieved by using a Multi-Lift System

Fence Horizontals (mm)

Available in three (3) standard sizes. Selecting the correct horizontal is determined by the overall fence height and site requirements.

(45 x 45), (50 x 50) and (65 x 50)


To eliminate any gaps below the fence, installed panels follow the contour of the ground. Panels can be easily raked to allow for most site ground conditions and for added security, they can also be welded in our factory prior to installation.

Fence Fixings

All fixings are anti-vandal.


Palisade gates are available in a range of standard sizes or can be tailored-made to suit your sizing requirements. All gates are supplied with rear hung adjustable hinges, pad-lockable drop-bolts and are multi-holed to suit site conditions. Complete with anti-climb protection.

Standard Palisade Fence Sizes

Panels Rails Posts
Fence Heights (mm) Post Centers (mm) Pale thickness (mm) Pales per bay (mm) Cross rails (mm) Overall length (mm) Post Section (mm)
1800 2.75 2/2.5 17 45 x 45 x 6 2300 100 x 55
2100 2.75 2/2.5/3 17 50 x 50 x 6 2700 100 x 55
2400 2.75 2/2.5/3/3.5 17 50 x 50 x 6 3100 100 x 55
3000 2.75 2/2.5/3/3.5/3.9 17 65 x 50 x 6 3900 100 x 55 or 127 x 76

Fence heights above these standard fencing sizes can be achieved using a Multi-Lift System