Commercial Fencing Product Guide

CMG Services Fencing  offers a variety of commercial solutions that are quality materials perfect for safe guarding your property.


Garrison Fencing
This fencing style is perfect for security fencing that is designed to protect your property, while giving an aesthetic appearance and is an extremely popular commercial fencing solution in Perth, Western Australia.

Garrison TR Fencing
Garrison TR Fencing, similar to the Garrison fencing system is designed to ensure a clean finish to the exterior of your commercial property.

Palisade Fencing
This fencing product is both durable and extremely hard to break through. This product is designed to give you a level of high security. This will let you protect your property for both commercial and industrial applications.

Chain Wire Fencing

This fencing style is perfect for commercial industrial and agricultural purposes with its simplicity and low costings comparatively with other designs and styles. The fencing style can also be used for government and local council projects including parks, ovals, schools,walkways and roadways accordingly. It is also appropriate for correctional centers/prisons and internal use within warehouses that need dividing as a petition style wall. The product comes in three variations including standard, security and heavy duty chain wire fencing. Our team of experts can help you make the right choice to ensure that your property is safe & secure depending on project application needs and wants.

Standard Chainwire fencing:
Security Chain Wire Fencing
Heavy Duty Chain Wire Fencing

Commercial Gates

Garrison Track Sliding Gates

These gates are designed to follow a track system that can be either automated or manually operated depending on your job specifications. These gates can be from 1m to 15m long as you require for your site.

Garrison Swing Gates
Garrison swing gates can both be manually and automatically operated and be used for vehicle access and pedestrian access depending on your gating requirements. These gates can be made to any with with a tubular material for the gate.

Chainmesh Track Sliding Gates
Similar to the other tracked system gates can be also made from 1m up to 15m and manually or automatically operated.

Chainmesh Swing Gates
These can be used as vehicle and pedestrian gates depending on your job specifications and can be used as a manually operated or automated system that you require for your property and commercial needs.

Associated Products

Razor Wire

Our solutions are perfect for protecting your premises with varying levels of security requirements. We can also install Razor wire on to your commercial site in accordance to governing regulations. This product gives an added layer of security that is sure to help protect your property as a deterrent.

Temporary Fencing
We can also supply temporary fencing  The temporary fencing we supply are made from galvinised mesh and a welded tubular frame to protect your assets. We can supply you with specifications on request.

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