CMG Maintenance Programs

Starter package, 12 months starting from $595 Inc. GST Contracted for 4 years. Access to our trade services plus Service items available
​This package is a starter pack, meaning that you can create your own packages. All  our listed items have a unit of time allocation and any items you wish to add or delete will require approval from our service staff. The starter pack is a minimum charge rate, choosing items is as flexible as we can make it for you. The list below is a guide only to help you to think of the things that may not of been thought of.
Once the packages have been listed and agreed, you are able to change up to 25% of the items for other items during the service period after the first visit.
When do we attend
We will arrange 2 return trips every year lasting around 2 to 3 hours each time  approximately  6 months apart.
First visit
On our first visit we will develop a report on the property taking many photos and logging colour of items and sizes, serviceable items list and product codes and model numbers. This is a must for us to be most efficient when we come. (filters for A/C units fans, door handles, Gutters, Downpipes sizes.
During the building of the report we will add any items you specifically would like us to do or not do.
This report will be the bases of our works every time we attend.
Second visit
This is the game changer for your home. Now we have all the items required to be maintained and all the items are listed on our server. We are now able to carry out the maintenance without any delays or missing items.
When we have finished this second visit you will see how your home is being looked after.
The time we allocate for your home will be spent on your home.
You can purchase a in-depth building and maintenance report separately which will give you 2 full service visits. This report is carried out by our licensed builder and will cover all items of structural and maintenance needs. The report will also be available to give to any new buyers of the property.
COST normally $585 inc. for CMG Services members you will only pay $295 inc
Additional days and hours requested.
Some homes are larger then most and some have many items requiring maintenance that cant always be done on a short visit.
That is why we have arranged for your selection an extra time package.
This package is discounted and allows us to carry out small repairs at the same time we attend the maintenance of your home.
E.G. If you have a very large chip in  a wall that requires patching (say a corner has been damaged) and painting. Due to drying times of products we may suggest that you purchase an extra time package. This will allow us to carry out your maintenance while these items are drying and ready for patch painting.
Or you may want some picture frames installed but would like the maintenance items still carried out. This is a perfect time to purchase these allotments.
Allotments are charged in 15 minute intervals, $22.50 for 15 minutes of work. That’s what your paying for those small jobs done right at a very low price.
Extra duties Package; 
Extra time is to be booked 35 days prior to the booked in service time.
This allows us time to schedule our visit with other time allotments.
It also gives us time to purchase items that may be required. If you find that we are attending that week and that you require the item to be carried out we only ask that you notify us ASAP and we will notify the technician. It will be the Technicians discretion if he is able to squeeze that time in on the day.
Charges for Extra time; costed in 15 minute intervolves. $22.50 plus gst
If you book 2 consecutive 15 minute intervolves and only one is required we will credit that back to your account for another time in the future. If we attend the home and find that we will require more time due to the nature of the work, we may not carry out the works on that day or may request support from another technician to attend to help in the works. This will not be of any extra cost to yourself for this technician other then the extra time charges rate that will need to be agreed on.
Energy efficiency report.
Fire alarm battery changed and tested. All light and power points visually inspected.
Wet areas;
Bathrooms sealants checked and sealed. All sealants to bench tops checked and sealed. Tiles and grouts checked.
Floor coverings checked for any issues e.g. squeaky floor boards fixed. tiles delaminating.
Outside; Gutters cleaned, solar panels cleaned, roof cover and all items on top checked, roof tile caps  patched.  Roof report. Eaves checked and re-nailed if required. Downpipes checked for water flow and blockages. gates serviced.
Internal; All doors in the home checked and lubricated, locks checked and serviced, garage door serviced, internal walls checked for structural movement, wet areas checked for damp seepage, All silicone sealants sealed, ceilings and cornices checked for sagging, walls patched and patched painted, cracks to ceiling cornices patched and patched painted. ​Doors patched and patched painted, ceramic tiles checked for delamination (drummy), timber floors checked for moisture and movement. ​Bench top sinks checked for water seepage, rang hood checked for oil build up in flumes, cleaned if required and filters checked, ceiling exhaust fans cleaned and serviced. Window winders and roller serviced, sliding doors serviced. Cupboard shelves edging glued back. Stone bench tops scratches removed. Stone bench tops Chips patched. We can arrange any item you choose just speak with one of our staff to arrange the items to be included in the package. Please read the terms and conditions page.

Plumbing package plus Starter pack charges plus $195 per 12 months no ongoing contract or $155 per year on a  4 year contract.

Service items
Hot water unit (anode rod checked)
Gas hot plate jets checked
All taps inside and out washers replaced if required.
Flexi hoses checked
Water system pressure tested for minor leaks.
All plumbing fittings checked.
No call out charges on items replaced.
This package is for one visit only for service items. Any replacements required during the contract period does not incur call out fees.
Unit charges are on the terms and conditions scheduled rates.

Electrical Package Plus starter pack. $185 for 12 months no ongoing contract or $155 per year on a 4 year contract.

Service Items
Electrical system checked for faults
Circuit breakers checked for reliability
Power and light fittings checked. No plugin items allowed for.
Hot water units
Cook tops
Outside lights 12v and 240v
Hard to get to light bulbs replaced.
Special pricing on light conversions from energy lights to LED super energy saver lights.
Solar system power efficiency test.
No callout fee on repairs required. once a year scheduled visit
Also available for a small charge-House old energy audit.
Speak to the office to arrange for this to be carried out on your next visit.
Helpful information; most house fires start from electrical or air conditioner faults.

Air conditioning plus starter pack per unit $165 per 12 months no ongoing contract or $155 per year on a 4 year contract.

Service items
Check ducting for leaks
Check unit piping for corrosion
Clean outlets and filters. please note not all filters are able to be cleaned and may require replacing
Refrigerators checked
Refrigerated unit pressure checked for leaks
All parts are charged separate of service pack.
Helpful information; most air born flues are stored in air conditioner filters and/or ducts.
Servicing your unit will help with the efficiency of the unit and help prevent odours.

Gardening Package
This package is a quoted service. If you would like to call the office we will have one of our service people contact you to make an appointment. If you are already a customer of ours we may have your property and garden needs mapped out, so a visit to the site to quote may not be necessary.

Window cleaning
This package is on a quoted contract sum. please contact the office to have one of our service staff meet you at home and inspect the required works.
If you are already a customer of ours, it is very possible that we have your window sizes and access mapped out, so we may not have to visit your home or rental property to give you a quote.

Extra services are available
Such as;

  • High pressure cleaning of outside paving and walls
  • Mould reduction
  • Sealing of concrete driveways and paving
  • Roof high pressure cleaning
  • Painting
  • Gutter replacement
  • Stone bench tops scratch repair, chip repair.
  • Damp rising repair
  • Kitchen renovations
  • Bathroom renovations
  • Extensions
  • Roof restorations
  • Garden design and planning
  • Landscaping
  • Fencing
We are also a registered Builder so if you require an extension or are wanting to build a new dwelling or develop a block, we can help there as well.
CMG Services has several directors and they all have their expertise, so don’t think we would be too expensive or not an expert in a field. We cover it all.
We aim to help you maintain your home in the cheapest and most efficient way as possible.
We take pride in all areas because we leave a little of ourselves in every job we do.
Choose of any of our other services to gain a quote if you are looking for a repairer to you home or an extension or renovation.