Residential Fencing Product Guide

CMG Services can provide your commercial solutions for residential projects. CMG Services fencing offers the following residential and gate products including:

Colorbond Fencing
CMG Services offers a variety of Colorbond fencing products that is sure to give the boundary of your property a nice finish. Colorbond fencing comes in a wide variety of colours to suit your vision.

We also offer Colorbond lattices to give your fencing an extra level of height within regulation and painted plinth retaining to go at the bottom of your fence.

Pool Fencing

Tubular Pool Fencing Panels

CMG Services supply & install the following tubular fencing panels that meet Australian Standards:
– 1200mm high x 2400mm wide Flat top panels of grey, black, blue, blue and green.
– 1200mm high x 3000mm wide Flat top panels in black or cream.
– 1200mm high x 2400mm wide Loop top panels in black and cream.
– 1200mm high x 2400mm wide Circle top panels in cream and black.
– 1200mm high x 2400mm wide Spear top panels in cream and black.
– 1500mm high x 2400mm wide Flat top panels in black.
– Matching 50mm x 50mm posts with cap (In ground post or with bolt down flange available).
– Matching Screws
-Matching gate kits.
-Matching Flange Covers
– Matching brackets.

Glass Pool Fencing
Our glass pool fencing is made of 12mm toughened A grade safety glass that complies with Australian Standards. We want you to be safe using our products and enjoy using your outdoor living services around your pool and spa.Our pool fencing comes in frameless and semi-frameless styling that meets your style requirements.

Timber Fencing:
CMG Services can provide you with quality timber fencing that gives a great impression on the exterior of your property. Speak to one of our friendly staff to help you choose the right style and finish required for your property.

Aluminium Products
CMG Services offers a variety of aluminum fencing products including:

  • aluminium pool fencing
  • aluminium garden fencing
  • aluminium slat fencing & louvers
  • aluminium infills
  • aluminium picket fencing

Hardie Fencing

We can also complete your standard HardieFlex job if you desire. We have a huge range of other fencing material that is sure to give you the modern look including Colorbond fencing that is becoming one of the most popular fence choices in Perth, Western Australia.

Limestone Retaining Walls
Limestone retaining walls can be a great added feature to your property and also provide an excellent solution for retaining around your property into the landscape should it be needed. Our team of expert craftsmen can build you a limestone wall that is custom to your property and project requirements.

Modular Wall Fencing
Modular walls provide a great look to your property that is superior in strength and a great way to reduce noise if you’re near a busy area depending on the product you would like installed. This system can be made from various materials depending on your project requirements and budget.

Entry/Pedestrian Gates
Our team of dedicated experts can help you choose your styling of entry/pedestrian gates that brings your vision to life. If you see a gate style you like and want it installed there is a high chance we can do it for you without a hassle.

Driveway Gates
Our team of experts are here to help you bring your driveway gate vision to life with tracked system sliding gates and swing gates that are either manually operated or automated for your project requirements and budget.