Residential Roofing and Carpentry

CMG Services Residential carpentry, Supply and install roof framing and internal carpentry works.

With over 40 years experience we deliver the best outcome at a very competitive price.

Roof carpenter; CMG Carpenters are all trained in finishing carpentry as well as roofing and that is why we pride ourselves on quality roofing.

Roofing carpenters generally stick with roofing because that is what they choose and here at CMG Services we choose both. All our tradesman a chosen for their skills and personal attributes. We only ever want to deliver the best service and experience you will ever find.

Truss roof; If you are looking for a team to install truss roofs we are here. We can supply and install all of your roof truss needs. We only work with our selected suppliers as some are not worth the time.

Stick roofing; Sick roofing is a form off roofing that is cut and constructed onsite for the purpose of roof cover support and ceiling lining fixing. This form of trade work is a specialty to most as it requires the strict guidance of the timber framing code and codes for wind and earth quake. Many carpenters don’t even know why they are constructing the roof in a designed format. They do it because that is how they have been shown. CMG Services carpenters are all trained to understand and design if required the correct methods and materials need to achieve the correct outcome.

Skirtings and Doors; These items we do very well, If you are looking for a carpenter to hang your doors and install your skirtings we are here for you. We are able to help you with purchasing the right skirting. There many patterns and types on the market and if you chose the wrong material or the wrong product you may find yourself replacing the work quicker then yo would like.

Shelving; White Cupboard shelves is one of those items that everyone thinks a cabinet maker does. But that is not entirely correct, as carpenters are trained to scribe materials to the existing building surface or wall.  CMG Services does not allow its tradesman to use no-more gap fillers. This is a product that the painter’s uses if they choose to close a minor cap. We do this so that the job once we have left is of high quality not poor.

Timber shelving. If you are looking for solid timber shelving as a feature in you home we can help you.

Solid timber is not easy to obtain but CMG Services can arrange recycled timber to be machined to achieve a shelf that has Style.

Outside carpentry works; Please click the link.

Our Promise


  • Professional and experienced team
  • Our team have over 40 years experience
  • Quality materials used on your home
  • No shortcuts taken – This ensures you will have reduced problems with your building in the future


  • We treat every home like its our own with great care and pride, which means you don’t have to worry!
  • Free no obligation and detailed quotes
  • Professional staff that offer an industry leading service
  • Garden and lawn protection

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