Roof Tile Replacement

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Roofing has many areas to cover and we cover them all.

Roof tiles new, Roof replacement or Roof repairs. CMG Services roof tile division offer you the best options possible when choosing roof tiles. We have no loyalty to any manufacture or supplier. This gives you the true nature of our business. Roofing. Tiled roofs and the making good to old roofs.

Replacing the old tiles for your home is like giving your home a new designed hair cut and wash. Just like a new designed hair cut your home will show the street what its like to stand out. Roof tiles can bring to your home something that iron cannot, Shadow lines. These shadows from each tile brings a different light reflection un like iron roofs.

Roof tiles can make those turns and ridges stand out bring a touch of class to your home. Hit the link and choose you tiles. Harmony or Prime

Roof replacement is what we do when your roof is tied. CMG will not only replace the old tiles but also repair or replace any timber or metal structures that are required.

Shire approval for your new roof; To change your roof tiles for new ones doesn’t require any shire approvals as we are only replacing the roof cover. But what we do is make sure that the roof complies to the Australian standards of today. We don’t understand why so many people change their roof cover but don’t bring the structure up to the new standards at the most convenient time.

Are Roof tiles worse then iron is iron better the tiles?

Tiles are a choice. If you want to show your home of with class, we believe that tiles can deliver that little extra zing to the presentation.

Home design’s have changed over the years and one thing is clear. Roof tiles are a classic feature on all high spec homes.

My roof leaks because of tiles. This is the most understood statement that is repeated. Roof leaks are caused from several reasons and the most common is they are old roofs and people not walking on them correctly. Tiles don’t leak just as iron roof’s don’t leak. Leaking is due to several reasons, poor installation, design and poor maintenance.

So many times I here, I want to change my roof from tiles to iron because tiles leak. CMG Services Maintenance gets more callouts on new iron roof cover then we do on new tiled roofs. Why? because it is the install and the reliant on silicones that is the issue not the product. When choosing your roof cover choose the company not just the product. People will do more research on products then they do on installers. Roof tile installers is what we have. great well proven tradesman. When choosing a company to install your new roof cover look at our company.

Insulation under your tiles; Their are products out there that work better under a tiled roof then an iron roof. Just ask us for more information or follow the link. Roof tile underlay.

CMG Services will direct you to the right sites to choose your tile type and we will help you in the choices of colour and design. CMG will then remove your old roof tiles and install your new tiles leaving your home truly looking like a new one.