CMG Services Roofing sector offers a range of services at competitive prices. CMG’s professional knowledge is over 40 years. When you require the work to be done right we are the company that does the work and over sees the results. This ensures a high level of quality workmanship and that the best materials are used to give your roof the professional finish it needs.

Roof carpenter; If you need a roof carpenter we have the knowledge and skills to get the job done. Carpentry is a skill that not many carpenters have but CMG Services have this covered. To see more of our roofing jobs click on the link Carpenters roofing.

Restoration; When you require reroofing or restorations we are here. Need the job done now? Or just want an estimate of cost? Send us an email with your home address and your request and we will get back to you as fast as humanly possible..

Tiled roofs; clay tiles or cement tiles we have a full range to choose from. For links to our suppliers click on both . or either one. Harmony, or Prime. For colorbond roof iron we can supply samples on all available items and colorbond colours. Replacing insulation during roof replacement can be arranged or even we can allow for you to do this over a weekend. Insulation products. Product guide.

Roof plumbing; Click the link and it will take straight to our roof plumbing page.

We see to many jobs that have been carried out by fast young men that don’t understand the requirements needed to change from tiles to iron roof cover. We also see so many poor workmanship issues due to the home owner having way to much confidence in the work carried out.

Roof Maintenance; CMG services roofing will be able to replace, repair any of your roofing needs. We will offer you the best possible outcome when we do the work on your home. If you are a Home Maintenance member you will receive a discount on any works you request from us.