Terms & Conditions

  • The starter pack contract is a 4 year agreement with a payment of $595 paid annually.
  • The adding of other services are an addition to the starter pack and cannot be contracted without it.
The maintenance contract is not a restoration contract.
  • Replacement of materials or hardware are chargeable items.
  • No warranty of maintenance works is given under this contract as it is not a works contract.
  • Any restoration works carried out under these agreements, will be warranted
  • Warranty period is for the time CMG Services is engaged to carry out maintenance on the property or 5 years after the works have been carried out, whichever comes first.
  • Meaning of Maintenance  the servicing of an item not the replacement.
  • Wall patching; when the wall has several or a single spot of damage, we will patch the damage and patch paint the repair. If the entire wall requires repainting or surfacing this becomes restoration works and does not come under the discription of maintenance.
  • Repair or replacement works
  • The repair works can be replacing an item or repairing an item.
  • The maintenance contract gives access to a 20% discount on any works quoted up to the value of $10,000.00 of total works. (further discounts may be avaliable on larger amounts quoted)
  • Transferring the contract to a new owner; All contracts are locked to the property it was first assigned to. The contract is not able to be moved to another property. It can be transferred, sold and gifted as long as the contract stays with the listed building. All transferes of ownership requires a transfere form to be completed, (this is to make sure that the transfer of the contract liability is contracted to the new holder ). The contracts are able to be purchased by others for any property as a gift, but the address that is to be serviced is the contracted property not the purchaser home address. The purchaser is responsible for the entire contract period and not the property owner.
  • Company and or trust contracts; Where a property is owned by a trust or company, the director will be held accountable for all fees and charges. If the director is to use thier personal credit card, it is that credit card and holder that will be liable also for the fees and charges.
  • Special cases; When the holder of the contract agreement passes away, this contract is cancelled and no further charges will be incurred. All credits of time remaining on the contract will be credited back to the asigned credit card that is contracted. A death certificate is required with in 3 months of passing. If a new year of contracts have been started after the date of death these charges will be returned without charge even if we have attened before we have been notified of the passing. (note that this is a gift to the card holder and notifaction should be given as soon as possible)
  • Living or moving overseas; moving overseas or interstate is not a special case for cancellation.
  • Energy efficiency test; this test is carried out by the use of a thermal heat detector. The actual amount of heat loss is not an accurate measurement but is estimated by using the point of most resistance as the reference point.
  • Security of payment; All payments must be made by credit card. The purchaser agrees to allow CMG Services to keep record of the card for purchased items for repair or replacement and the roll over of the contract period. When signing of the maintenance contract or quotes or replacement of items, the purchaser agrees to the terms and conditions of the creditor guarantee. Failing to pay the agreed amounts on the due date will incur a $15 late fee. If the agreed amount is not paid within 30 days of the required payment period, the purchaser will be found to be in repudiation of the contract. The purchaser agrees to pay for all legal and collection cost in the recovery of the outstanding amounts. The purchaser also agrees when in repudiation of the agreed contract, that they give the right for CMG Services to take out a caveat over their personal property until the full amount of the contract sum plus any fees or charges are paid in full.

Hourly rates for repair; the rates of repair are calculated on the following trades.

  • All trades, with the exception of plumbers and electricians, are based on the rate of $68 per hour plus GST.
  • Plumbers and electricians are based on $90 per hour.
  • All charges are a flat rate and a call out fee is not charged.
  • All rates are for 1 hour minimum with 15 min charges their after.
When an item is required to be purchased from a supplier; When a trade is required to leave the property to purchase an item, a charge of 45 minutes is the rate for travel.
If the item is too big to be transported by the tradesman then a courier will be required. These charges will be charged to the listed credit card holder. When the tradesman has left to property to purchase several items and one item is not avalible in the store, this item will be orded and the missing item will be installed on the next scheduled visit. If the item is a urgent requirement then a one hour charge rate will be applied to the account.
When an item is required to be ordered, no charges will be incurred until the item is received by CMG or delivered to the property. If access to the property is not available when CMG is scheduled to install the item, a storage charge is incurred at $20 per day from the date of the scheduled appointment and until access to property is gained if the item is stored at the premises of CMG Services.
Once the item is delivered to CMG Services’ office or the contracted property, the item becomes a chargeable item.
Soon as the item has been delivered to the contracted property it then becomes the property of the contract holder. If the item is lost damaged or stolen while in the possession of the contract holder, all costs in the replacement of this item will be charged to the card holder. It is the responsibility of the contract holder/property occupant to inssure the item is stored in a safe and dry enviroment. If the item is to large for the occupant of the property to move to a safe storage area CMG will pick up the cost of having it moved to the safe area and or to the install position.
Calling to site outside of scheduled times;
  • Calling to site after hours will incur a charge rate. This rate is based on the standard rate if in the normal working hours of business.
  • No call out fees will apply
  • If the call to site is outside normal business hours. See below emergency service charges.
Hours of business
  • Mon-Friday 7am-4pm
  • After hours’ emergency service 24/7 call out charge of $150 plus time and a half charge rate after the first 30 minutes on site.